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House Driver Vacant

House Driver Vacant

A Driver house driver vacancy has come to an Arab house.  Current residents of UAE apply.  UAE license required

A Driver is a professional who drives clients around in an efficient, safe and timely manner. In addition to maintaining regular cleaning services for their vehicle as well as managing payments on time each week/monthly cycle goes by; drivers also plan routes based on road conditions

Frequently asked questions

What does a Driver do?

A Driver will ensure the safety and comfort of their clients through providing their driving services. Drivers will map out a route before they leave their office. They’ll pick up anyone who requests it at an agreed-upon time, and possibly help them load or unload luggage as needed during each trip. Meanwhile they will listen carefully for traffic updates to keep their clients on schedule with getting to their destination.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a Driver?

A Driver's main responsibility is to safely transport either cargo or passengers from one location to another. They must follow traffic laws and correctly route themselves, ensuring that there is enough gas in the tank at all times for their destination. Drivers will take care of maintenance on interior cleanliness before arriving where needed by time constraints set out within an organization requirement.

What makes a good Driver?

A good Driver has excellent organizational and time management skills, which helps them be efficient with their work. They possess great interpersonal communication abilities so they can establish relationships both professionally as well as personally on the road while still maintaining safe driving practices at all times

Driver Duties and Responsibilities

• Practice safe driving habits

• Follow all state and national safety regulations and standards

• Accurately follow routes, maps, and directions

• Keep exterior of vehicle clean and presentable

• Maintain vehicle equipment; replace oil, fill gas tank, perform general motor vehicle maintenance as needed for safety

• Clean windows, windshields, and mirrors as needed

• Keep interior of vehicle clean of debris and clutter

• Load and unload vehicle

• Collect payments, document amount, and offer receipts when necessary

• Complete documentation such as logs, mileage, or cargo and passenger reports

• Follow schedules and rerouting in a timely manner when faced with traffic or congestion

House Driver Apply

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As a driver, you must have a safe driving record, follow all state and national driving laws, rules, and regulations. In this position, you will follow prearranged routes to destinations or use maps and GPS to navigate routes. You will also maintain vehicle upkeep and cleanliness.

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